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Blackhawk Model Builders Society

To share ideas and display the art of scale modeling


Upcoming Events
IPMS/Hawkcon 2023
Model Contest & Vendor show 
Saturday, September 23, 2023 Westland Mall, Burlington, Iowa 


The Blackhawk Model Builders Society is open to all modelers no matter the skill level, medium or subject who shares an interest in building scale models. Each month our club has a themed contest where members vote for the best constructed model

What We Do

The club meets once a month on the last Saturday of the month at the Burlington Public Library (unless otherwise stated) to share ideas and to display their latest projects with the club members and to participate in a monthly “themed” contest starting at 1pm.

Dues: Dues are $12 per year and are due prior to the new year in December. A new member joining during the year will pay dues at $1.00 a month left in the year they joined.

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